Welcome to LEDovations.

LED Video wall experts from consultancy right through to installation.

What we do

We take ideas from the initial concept to full completion

What does that mean:

  • You come up with the idea
  • We overcome the technical aspects
  • We spec the screen
  • You buy it
  • We facilitate the install and commissioning

What we offer:

  • LED video wall consultancy
  • LED video wall instatllation
  • LED video wall fault finding and maintenance
  • Hi level indoor screen replacement
  • Rotating hanging screen
  • Automated moving screens
  • Outdoor wall mounted
  • Outdoor free standing
  • Conference rooms
  • Church’s
  • Road side bill board
  • Holographic systems
  • Mobile sports events
  • Concert screens
  • Vehicle screens


LEDovation’s are leaders in all aspects of LED Video Walls.
Specialising in consultancy, project management and taking concepts through to completion.

The little big things

Things you may not have thought about Power and Data!

One of the things that is almost as important as what screen is right for you is how you are going to get power and data to it.

In a lot of places this is a very simple thing as easy as finding a couple of free sockets and a pc to plug into it. In others this can be a major part of the planning and installation.
There are always options depending on your needs whether this be an underground cable pulling through to the roadside or a generator being built in to a trailer. There are also renewable options that can work for you.

Data is another consideration.

A lot of times this is really simple as plugging into your existing network but there are also many other options including 4G and now Starlink.

Content Management

Again the options here are almost unlimited, be it integrating into your existing system to an off the shelf system to one that integrates with motion detection, customer input or other external triggers.

Audience Monitoring

There are many times when this will not be of any interest to you as you’d like to think people would be fully engaged as you deliver your presentation, however these can be very useful metrics to be able to prove that your advertising campaign has had the impact desired or how to be bale to improve your next one.

Content creation

We have several partners who will be able to help you with this including everything you may need to take ideas to completed content.


Our first blog post

LEDovation’s are leaders in all aspects of LED Video Walls.Specialising in consultancy, project management and taking concepts through to completion. Welcome to our website please do get in touch with us to start your next project.